Custom DTF Transfers

Wholesale DTF transfers are the best way you can say yes to multi color jobs, small jobs, team uniforms, and difficult to print material. You can do large jobs much faster and be more efficient.

  • Choose Transfers by Size or Gang Sheet

    • If you only have one design order your dtf transfers by size.
    • If you have multiple designs, you can make a gang sheet.
  • Upload Your Artwork

    • Upload your artwork and enter how many you need.
    • Gang different images together on one sheet and upload.
    • Don't have a way to build a gang sheet? Upload your images in the gang sheet builder.
  • Place Your Order

    Place your order for your dtf transfers and start pressing away. No screens, no weeding, no kidding. You'll be done with the job and there's no cleaning up.

    You have happy customers and money in the bank!

DTF Transfers work on all types of materials.

You don't have to worry about dye migration or mesh counts. DTF transfers work for 100% cotton, 50/50, 100% polyester, nylon, twill, spandex, canvas, denim, and others.

DTF Transfers Make Your Life Easier

When you have multiple size shirts in an order. What do you do? Tell the customer, no? Tell the customer how much extra it will cost? I'll tell you what you do. You upset your customer because they don't understand why they can't get what they want. Somebody out there is going to give that customer what they want. That's you if you are using dtf transfers. The customer will not know the difference and they won't care. All they care about is that they got what they wanted, and you helped them get it.

Pantone Color Match for your DTF Transfers